Patient Engagement


How do you find patients for your clinical trial?

Most clinical trials do not meet their enrollment requirements. Finding patients for clinical trials is challenging, particularly for clinical trials related to rare diseases or disorders. Patient recruitment fails for a variety of reasons - maybe due to cost, people’s attitudes toward clinical trials, or time.


Are you really targeting the right audience? 

Taking the time to develop a 360-degree view of your study – and understand your patient population – will help you avoid costly challenges and create a more efficient success. 

The Bracken Group can help you identify:

  • Who your target audience is
  • How and where they are searching for answers
  • The information they are looking for
  • The best way of connecting with them
  • The support they need throughout their journey

Our approach to developing your engagement strategy considers everyone involved. 

The Bracken Group considers everyone involved in the process: the patients, the caregivers, the physicians, and many others.

We can help with true patient engagement:

  • Developing relationships with your target audience
  • Maintaining those connections
  • Working together to find solutions
  • Building trust

We have driven recruitment for hundreds of trials, in many different therapeutic areas across 60 countries. The Bracken Group can help you develop your patient engagement process and reap the rewards.


We want to set up your study for success.

Most study protocols have long lists of inclusion and exclusion criteria that patients have to meet or avoid to be considered for participation.

The Bracken Group has a deep understanding of the context you're operating in:

  • Competitive environment assessment
  • Marketing analysis
  • Overall target population feasibility

We can develop a holistic view of your study landscape to help you identify challenges and pitfalls before you start your outreach program.


We’ll help you develop your concierge.

Making the decision to enroll in a study is a daunting process for patients. And though it requires considerable time and effort from you, identifying, engaging, and enrolling patients is only the first step of this process.

In step two, it becomes like any other customer service enterprise: How you treat your customers once they have enrolled will indicate to them how they can expect to be treated throughout. The Bracken Group can develop your end-to-end customer service process to ensure that not one of your referred patients is left behind.