Due Diligence Support


Inspect what you expect.


As with buying a new car, when you are seeking to acquire a new product or a new company, or are considering a partnership with another company, “looking under the hood” rather than just admiring the shiny new exterior is key to making a truly informed buying decision. Carrying out due diligence is vital to ensure that all parts of the organization work and correspond with what you think you are buying. Understanding all the details is worth a thousand assumptions.


Understanding all the details is worth a thousand assumptions.


Due diligence is an essential activity for companies and investors alike:

  • Companies need to understand the expectations from potential investors or partners.
  • Investors and potential partners need to understand the status of the asset under consideration and the robustness of their product and/or business strategy.

Choosing the right independent partner to assist you is critical.


Choosing the right independent partner to assist you during this process is critical for success. You may be:

  • Considering a partnership with another company
  • Acquiring a life sciences product outright
  • Looking for investors
  • Or more simply building an effective business case that will withstand scrutiny

In each case, the Bracken Group is uniquely positioned to provide you with all the necessary information to make your decision. Every transaction you undertake has associated risks. Understanding those risks helps you develop an appropriate plan and a risk mitigation strategy. Let us help you inspect what you expect.


Due Diligence Services for VCs, Private Equity, Licensing, and M&A


Healthcare, drugs (small molecule and biologic therapies), medical devices, and diagnostics are all part of a highly regulated industry. The journey from the “eureka” research moment to a product benefitting patients is arduous and strewn with pitfalls.

A critical component of drug development success is accessing adequate resources, both intellectual and financial, to bring a product from discovery to market. Financial institutions play a crucial role in successful drug development. These organizations are afforded numerous investment opportunities within healthcare for evaluation. Due diligence is an essential aspect of the investor’s decision making process.

The Bracken Group (TBG) is uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of due diligence services:

  • High-level SWOT analysis of multiple opportunities
  • In-depth analysis of companies under serious investment consideration
  • Full regulatory gap analysis
  • Risk assessment and mitigation proposals
  • Competitive landscape analysis that looks at current market competition as well as a complete analysis of drugs in development, their stages and disposition

The Bracken Group can assist investors in making highly informed de-risked investment decisions.


Drug development: Optimizing your business strategy.


Successful drug development is a complex and costly process that requires insightful integration of sound science and financial resources. TBG’s experience and expertise in drug development, business development and financing provide value to development companies and investors alike.

The experienced biopharma executives at TBG are uniquely qualified to assist both the development company and its financial partners (investors, pharma companies, etc.) throughout the process:

  • Product conception
  • Clinical development
  • Regulatory approval
  • Commerical launch

TBG’s collective drug and product development experience helps companies avoid costly delays in the drug development process as well as reduce investor and partner risk. The drug development strategy assembled by TBG in concert with your company will facilitate on-time and on-budget delivery of a successful program.